Ella Fengler 

(1999, Amsterdam)

‘I am an artist based in Amsterdam making video-graphic works. As I also strongly believe that stories are told within tangible embodied materials and experiences, my hands are also often filled with textile, chalk and clay. Whilst making it’s important to me to follow the intuition of my carefree curiosity-overloading inner child. I have a deep interest in people and how our cultures are manifested through objects, poetic use of language, music, dance and rituals. Specifically drawn to narratives from the Global South and indigenous cultures I seek open and decolonial perspectives. How do we connect to each other and the earth in this globalizing complex world? In the stories I create and portray I always search for nuance and focus on details. Details of small scale stories to hint at bigger ones.’

Education & courses

2022: Pre-master Latin American Studies UvA/University of Amsterdam
2018 - 2022: Bachelor in Graphic Design
HKU/University of the Arts Utrecht
2019: Imagining Tomorrow Masterclass, Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhe



Exhibitions & publications

2022: HKU Exposure
2021: RE-FRAME, online exhibition
2020: ABRI magazine, Academiegalerie Utrecht
2020: Lost & Found, Google Maps group exhibition located at Hemburgterrein
2019: EKSPO, HKU Media
2019: Multiplicity, LE:EN Utrecht