Uma Gringa Na Favela

In collabaration with Isabelle Hart

A portrait of my best friend Isabelle, in may 2020. She lives in favela Babilonia, Rio de Janeiro. She becomes acquainted with the Brazilian culture and the community more and more. And even plays her part, but there will always remain a distance. Among the cariocas she will always be a gringa. Footage of Isabelle in her living space in the favela is combined with her experiences as a gringa (foreigner).

Part of ABRI Magazine

ABRI is a project in which 33 graphic design students cover various aspects of tourism. We started in January 2020 and halfway through the process the perspective on our research field drastically changed by the sudden arrival of COVID-19. What does tourism entail when there are lockdowns all over the globe?

In practical matters the project changed as well, a physical exhibition was no longer possible. In consultation with AG (Academie Galerie, University of Arts Utrecht) we chose to present our results in a magazine. In these times of distance we wanted to share our visualized thoughts via a tangible medium. From the content, production, sales and distribution to a corresponding website and communication, we took care of the entire process. Each copy of ABRI magazine is different and contains a unique selection of nine posters. This way you could create a small private exhibition. The magazine also includes a code that gives you access to the ABRI website where you can view all 33 projects.